Mental Health and the Faith Community

Studies show that when people are struggling with mental illness, they turn first to their Minister, Priest, Rabbi, or Imam. How can we be ready? Join us for this panel discussion and networking event surrounding mental health and the faith community. If your congregation or organization have a mental health ministry, support groups, or community outreach, we invite you to share your resources. Contact Whitney Emrick at 678-893-5336 or [email protected] to reserve space on our resource tables. People with mental problems are our neighbors. They are members of our congregations, members of our families; they are everywhere in this country. If we ignore their cries for help, we will be continuing to participate in the anguish from which those cries of help come. A problem of this magnitude will not go away. Because it will not go away, and because of our spiritual commitments, we are compelled to take action. Rosalynn Carter


Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church
2850 Old Alabama Rd., 3rd Floor, Rm. 305
Johns Creek, GA 30022
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