Leaves, Debris, and the Distance In-Between

Close proximity to the vine does not a branch make you.


Imagine a mighty oak.


Lots of things can work their way close to the tree… The Source or root, if you will. Debris carried by wind… lost or fallen leaves… things tattered and scattered, the occasional plastic bag or scrap of paper can even get hung up or caught up in its reaches and branches. So very close but not close enough to bear fruit or BE ONE WITH.

A leaf resting on a branch but not still anchored, established, and supplied… will brown nonetheless.


CLOSE is not connected.

AWARE is not attached.


“Remain IN Me,” is not remain *near* me. “Abide in Me?” Well, it ain’t “Loaf around,” or “Float and flit around Me” either.


People wither and die in plain sight of the Savior, hearing His call, hearing His Word… and never opening the door and INVITING Him IN or accepting HIS invitation to COME and be changed and grafted into The Vine.


In-ness. Not nearness, Friend.

Are you aware of Jesus or still anchored and attached to The Life? There are not degrees of abiding, Amigos. It a “you are or you aren’t” kinda thing. Resting in, remaining in… sitting in. Whether eternal throne or IKEA chair, one is either sitting in it or they aren’t.


Almost abiding… is not abiding at all. And friend, “Abide” is not just a glorious invitation. It’s a command.


On His porch or easy-breezing around His yard… is not seated at His table.

Leaves, debris, and the distance in between. Makes all the difference.





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